Microsoft Certified Trainer: An Asset to your Entire Office?

We’ve all been there. Someone who didn’t understand how to use the table function in Microsoft Word created one the old-fashioned way—by counting spaces—and then, surprise, left the company. It’s your job to edit that makeshift monstrosity. Can it be done without laboriously re-entering all the data?

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Microsoft Office Specialist Training: Get to the Next Level with Windows

Your business may use Microsoft Office programs every day, but how well do you and your employees know how to use them? The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is one way to answer that question. MOS certifications are available for each specific program within the Microsoft Office Suite.

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MCP Certification Requirements: Which Employees Should I Certify?

According to global data experts Statista, 82.88% of the world’s desktop computers use Microsoft Windows operating systems. Integrated productivity tools like word processing, spreadsheet, and database capabilities are an important reason why so many computer users prefer Windows. Programs like Word, Excel, and OneNote are easy to learn. However, advanced training allows these programs to be used more effectively.

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Microsoft Office Specialist Certification: Are Your IT Workers Ready?

Microsoft Office is a complex and ever-changing set of programs that allow your workers to stay organized and productive. Everyone should be trained in how to use these programs, but your IT support staff needs specialist training in order to cope with questions, problems, and potential issues.

What Could an Office Support Specialist Do at my Business?

Depending on their specialties and certifications, they may:

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Requires Training your Employees will Need

PC Magazine says, “Microsoft PowerPoint is the best and most feature-rich slideshow creation and presentation tool.” When you want the best, you go with PowerPoint; end of story. “The (2016) app upgrades help creators do their jobs better… and if you spend a lot of time making slideshows, rehearsing them, and presenting, you’ll want PowerPoint for its ability to keep the process smooth and quick.”

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