Microsoft Certification Path: What Do I Need to Know to Help My Employees?

It's estimated that 1.2 billion people use Microsoft Office. But it takes special skills and training in order to earn certifications and perfect how to use these programs. If you want your employees to improve their Microsoft workflow and efficiency, as well as become better prepared to train new hires, it's important to be help them get the education they need to earn certifications. 

Microsoft Certification Path

When your IT employees pass the MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) certification, they automatically become Microsoft Certified Professionals and they can enjoy MCP benefits. This certification validates their IT professional and technical development expertise through industry-proven exams.

This certification also puts your employees on the certification path of acquiring other Microsoft certifications. This includes the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) and the MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer).

Why Should Your Employees Undergo Training in Microsoft Programs?

There are several benefits of investing in employee Microsoft certification, which you should take into considering. These include:

Increasing their knowledge

By providing your employees with Microsoft certification, your company will experience less and shorter server downtimes and increased productivity in help desk functions.

Employee job satisfaction

Investing in training your IT employees will make them feel more valued and this can go a long way in reducing employee turnover. Additionally, trained employees perform much better and they enjoy working in teams. According to a recent survey, hiring managers agreed that certified employees were more productive than their non-certified colleagues were.

Source of knowledge

Microsoft certifications also strengthen IT staff. A Microsoft Certified Professional will be an important resource of skills and knowledge to the other employees. Such a resource will enhance the value of your IT team and its cohesiveness. According to TheWindowsClub, 40 to 55 percent of top performing employee teams have Microsoft certifications.

Business success

Today, technology affects businesses in several ways. According to a survey by CompTIA, more than 80 percent of businesses indicated that their IT skills affected at least one area of their business such as customer service, staff productivity, and security.

IT skills gap can hinder your business from fully utilizing technology and succeeding. Training your employees is a cheaper way of boosting your business success; after all, your employees are your company’s most valuable assets.

Your Microsoft certified IT employees could feel more confident and become more productive. They will be able to utilize technology for your business in a better way by creating secure and more effective solutions. This will help save time and eliminate potential risks to your business.

How Training your Employees will Increase Productivity

With the recent economic downturn, you may be tempted to cut down on providing training to your employees. However, if you want your employees to become more productive while reducing turnover, then you may want to rethink your decision.

Many businesses know the benefits of training their employees, for example, advises businesses to train and train, and then retrain their employees. Employee training has become the most desired employee incentive, especially among younger employees. The opportunity to enhance their skills is the number one benefit.

There’s nothing worse than not knowing how to do something. You feel confused, lost, and frustrated. Your employees will be more productive if they know how to do something the way they are expected to, and after they have received training on how to perform that task. Training will give your employees confidence that they can successfully handle tasks and this will boost productivity.

How Employee Training Boosts Productivity

Inspires new workers - Training your new employees right from the word go will give them a good sense of your business and what is expected of them. Employees who have mastery of the skills and knowledge for their jobs are more satisfied and confident, and this results to higher productivity.

Equips your employees with new skills – Teaching your employees new skills will give them a sense of purpose. This also tells them that the organization is flexible enough to evolve and provide them with advancement opportunities.

Refreshes old skills – Retraining your employees on current skills will help increase productivity by preventing occurrence of small mistakes.

Creates a performance-based culture – Such a culture will motivate and inspire your employees by giving them realistic and attainable goals that they can achieve regularly. However, the culture you create should also have a defined definition of success. Knowing the goals of your business will enable your employees to work towards achieving them.

Is the Microsoft Certification Path Right for Your Business?

Microsoft certification will provide your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to comfortably perform their day-to-day duties. It will also provide your employees with lasting career skills and prepares them to take on more duties. To learn more about employee Microsoft certification, visit Infotec today and see how certification can help you!

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