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Infotec offers many purchasing options to help support our clientele’s training, budget and internal procurement practices.

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  • Government Procurement

    GSA has reviewed Infotec’s capabilities, negotiated rates, and pre-qualified Infotec to provide services streamlining procurement and significantly reducing the time required to obtain services.


    FSC GROUP: Special Item No. 132-50 Training Courses
    CONTRACT PERIOD: October 1, 2009 – September 2024
    Infotec, LLC
    100 Constitution Drive
    Virginia Beach, VA 23462
    757-518-9100 or 844-856-2045

    Ed Gann

    MAXIMUM ORDER: $1,000,000.
    MINIMUM ORDER: $ 50.00
    QUANTITY DISCOUNT(S): Quantity discounts may be offered on a task order basis or with Value Card Purchases.

    Government Purchase Cards accepted at, below or above the micro-purchase threshold.

  • Value Cards

    Value cards are a cost-effective and flexible purchase method for organizations to get the most out of their training budget. A value card can be purchased in increments that support the organization’s budget with minimum requirements of $5,000. for application-only value cards to $10,000. for all-services value cards. Value Cards must be paid in full prior to use and are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

    Value Cards Give You the Ultimate In:


    You can send any employees from your organization within a 12 month period.


    Save time, minimize paperwork, and support your training needs for the entire year with a single purchase.


    Managing your training is easy with Infotec’s Value Card Summary Reports. The monthly report details the attendees, the courses, the dates, the expense and the client’s remaining balance.


A value card provides clients savings up to 25% off their training.

    Value Cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase. All training through a Value Card purchase must be facilitated prior to the Value Card expiration. Refunds are not issuable on Value Card balances.

  • Group Training

    If you have 10 to 24 students that need training, please contact an Infotec Education Consultant and let them prepare pricing to support your specific requirements. Pricing is based on:

    Training location
    • Infotec location
    • Client Location
    • Local Hotel near client’s site
    • Or other alternative

    • If equipment is at the location where training will be hosted
    • If Infotec mobile equipment needs to be utilized

    • Level
    • Length
    • Materials
    • Customizations

    Exam Delivery (if applicable)

    Once specifications of your training requirements are received, Infotec will provide pricing and available training dates to you within a 24 to 48 hour period.

  • Workforce Development

    Infotec works with the area’s workforce development agencies to help keep our region globally competitive and economically strong. If you are currently seeking work in the Hampton Road’s area and unable to obtain employment due to needed certifications, you may be eligible to receive funding for skills training through.

    • Career Works
    • Or previously recognized as

    • Opportunity Inc.
    • Peninsula Council for Workforce Development

    The Infotec programs available through Hampton Road’s workforce development and sponsorship agencies are Certified to Operate by SCHEV. These include:

    • Certified Information System Security Professional
    • CompTIA Certification Program
    • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner
    • CompTIA Certification Program Linux+
    • Fiber Optics Certification Program
    • Leadership Development
    • MCSA SQL Server Certification
    • MCSA Windows Server Certification
    • Networking CISCO Certification Program
  • Payment/Policies Continued

    Payment paperwork must be provided at the time of enrollment. Checks, money orders, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Corporate Purchase Orders, approved government funding document and/or government credit cards are accepted. Payment can be made by Paymode, electronic funds transfer or mailed to:

    Infotec, LLC
    Accounts Receivable
    100 Constitution Drive
    Virginia Beach, VA 23462


    Certification Exams can be purchased through a single acquisition with the course purchase. Unless Infotec does not offer the exam at their location(s), all Certification Exams purchased through Infotec must be registered and administered at an Infotec location. If clients from outside of the state of Virginia are not taking the exam on the last day of class and need the voucher to take at an exam center in their residing state, arrangements must be made prior to class start.

    Repeat and Audit Process

    A student may repeat any class previously taken at Infotec upon space availability. There is no limit to the number of times a course can be repeated. New course materials will not be issued. The student must bring their copy of the course materials previously received to the audit class for use. The audit must parallel the exact course level and software version originally purchased.

    Instructor-led Class

    START: All classes begin at 8:00 am, with the exception of VMware classes which begin at 9:00 pm.
    END: All classes end at 4:00 pm, with the exception of the CCNA bootcamp, which ends at 5:00 pm.

    In addition to a one hour break, there are two 15 minute breaks throughout the day. Coffee, soda, snacks, microwave and refrigeration are provided in the student break area. Food and drinks are permitted in the classroom considering care is taken with the computer and electronic equipment.

    Hotels and eating establishments are abundant and within walking distances of the training centers offering a variety of choices to our clients.

    Virtual-led Classes

    Class times are determined by the geographic localities being supported.

    Changes in Infotec Schedule

    Infotec reserves the right to make changes in the equipment and curriculum to reflect new technology, to reset class schedules and hours, consolidate class and to substitute or replace instructors as needed.

    Early Receipt of Course Materials

    Early receipt of class material for courses may be requested one (1) week prior to the class commencement providing all fees for the class have been paid and the course kits/materials are in stock.

    Class Cancellation/Refunds for Command/Organization registrations

    A public class registration may be cancelled up to one week prior to the class start without financial obligation.

    If a student registration cancels less than one week prior to the class start date, he/she has the option to:

    - Keep Payment in place, receive materials and return to the “like” class as an audit.


    - Pay 50% cancellation Fee

    If a registration gives no notice and does not show up for the course, he/she has the option to:

    - Keep Payment in place, receive materials and return to the “like” class as an audit.


    - Pay 100% cancellation Fee

    Substitutions are allowed up to the first day of class. All substitutions must hold the proper pre-requisites for attendance.

    A custom class is represented by a designated group, (on-site/off-site) with a requested date and/or customized format. Upon dates being established, resources are immediately allocated to complete all tasking within the timelines of our client’s needs. A custom class can be cancelled 30 days prior to the project start without penalty. Any cancellations that occur less than 30 days prior to the project start, but more than 2 weeks will incur a penalty of 50% on the cancelled tasking. Any cancellations that occur less than two weeks prior to the tasking face 100%.

    Program Cancellation/Refunds for Individuals Attending through Sponsorship Agencies or via self sponsorship

    Infotec provides a period of up to one week prior to the class start during which a student may cancel his/her enrollment without financial obligation. Cancellation should be received by written notice and sent to the Education Consultant, Account Representative or Registrar via letter or email.

    If a student cancels less than one week prior to the class start date, the student is responsible for the cost of materials that have been purchased for the course. The student will be entitled to receipt of the materials. If a student fails to cancel and does not show up for a class, he/she is responsible for the cost of the materials plus a $100 administration fee.

    If a student withdraws or is terminated during the first 25% of the course he/she is entitled to 75% of the cost of the course.

    If a student withdraws or is terminated after attending more than 25% of the course but less than 50%, he/she is entitled to 50% of the cost of the course.

    If a student withdraws or is terminated after attending more than 50% of the course but less than 75%, he/she is not entitled to a refund.

  • Services

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