What Does it Mean to be a Microsoft Certified Professional?

Being a Microsoft Certified Professional was once a simple proposition. You took a MCP certification exam and just like that, you were certified to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain Microsoft computer systems. It's not longer quite so simple.

As of 2019, Microsoft no longer offers a single certification exam that entitles you to Microsoft Certified Professional status. However, getting certified to offer IT services for Microsoft products and services is still important; Windows operating systems still command an overwhelming majority of their market, which means that no matter what work you do as an IT professional, you will probably have to work with Windows systems.

With that in mind, here is more information about Microsoft certifications, as well as some of the Windows professional certifications you should consider looking in to in order to help your business thrive.

What is Microsoft certification? How can it help me?

Microsoft Certifications are exams you can take to demonstrate you expertise in Microsoft systems, hardware, software, and platforms. Microsoft certification can be extraordinarily helpful to your career, whether you are an IT professional or a business owner. If you work in IT, getting Microsoft certifications is necessary. It's highly likely that your employees work with Microsoft systems, which means that having certifications from Microsoft is immensely important in their daily duties and when the unexpected happens.

If you own a business, it can also be very beneficial to have Microsoft Certifications, or to at least hire an IT specialist with Microsoft Certification. If you use a Microsoft operating system or Microsoft Office, it's a near certainty that you will eventually encounter a situation that requires troubleshooting by a Microsoft professional. Being able to handle any problems that might arise yourself or with someone on your staff can save you a lot of time and money when compared to having an outside technician come in.

What are some examples of Microsoft Professional Certification?

Microsoft offers certification paths depending on what you are interested in learning, as well as your starting level of expertise. There are three tiers of certification: Fundamental, Associate, and Expert. Fundamental certifications demonstrate acuity in Microsoft 365 software and Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

Associate level certifications offer a wide variety of exams, each designed to test your skills in specific roles, such as security administration, Azure AI engineering, Modern Desktop administration, and more. Expert level certifications showcase all-around, deep knowledge of Microsoft 365, Azure DevOps, and Azure Solutions.

How does Microsoft Certification leave room for advancement?

The tiered structure of Microsoft Certification makes it easy to see what your path for advancement should be. The Fundamental level certifications are a good starting point for just about any professional. For many, these certifications will be all they'll need. But if you're looking for a certification for a more specific, advance skillset, the Associate level offers certifications for a wide range of specific roles, giving you the flexibility to take the exams for the specific skills you're looking for.

The Expert level certifications are for those with a deep and thorough understanding of Microsoft's systems, software, and hardware. If you think your employees are ready for management roles, then it might be time to consider looking into a Microsoft Expert Certification.

How can I prepare my employees for Microsoft Professional Certifications?

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