What's New in ITIL v4 for Business Owners?

If you thought ITIL 3 made your IT service management (ITSM) more efficient, wait until you get a look at ITIL 4.

Introduced in February 2019, the fourth generation of this popular framework for maximizing your ITSM is designed to help your staff become even more agile, ready to embrace change, and prepared to succeed in a world where the pace of innovation is rapidly increasing.

And it could not have come at a better time.

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ITIL Foundation Training For Your Beginner Employees

With the increasingly stiff competition among businesses, firms are coming up with different ways to improve their service delivery and customer satisfaction. By so doing, they are trying to initiate new ways to achieve their objectives and increase their profit margins. ITIL is a unique tool organizations are incorporating to help in cost reduction, greater management of business risks to achieve the same.

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ITIL Foundation Certification: How Can This Help Your Business Workflow?

Formerly referred to as the IT Infrastructure Library, ITIL is an established set of practices that provide a structured framework that supports IT service management. It concentrates on supporting IT services that a business requires. Trademarked by AXELOS, ITIL addresses processes that are related to the service operation, transition, service design and strategy.

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ITIL Foundation Certifications for Beginning Employees

You've no doubt heard of ITIL, but how much do you really know about it? Everything on the planet has a life cycle: Worms, mushrooms, and IT services. In this context, service can mean anything. It could be a network service such as email, messaging, or access to information resources. A manufacturing process has a life cycle; so does a commercial service. Facebook, Amazon Netflix, and Google all have tons of life cycles.

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ITIL Expert Certification Training to Fit My Business

According to international financing firm Deloitte, 92% of businesses and service organizations believe that the customer’s experience defines the success of a contact channel. That means that the happiness of your clients should determine how much of your business resources you commit to over-the-phone customer service, online self-help options, and other forms of communications.

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ITIL Practitioner Certification Prepares Employees for ITIL Framework

Short for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, ITIL covers vital practices in place for the IT service management department. Designed to help the IT service management connect with the requirements of a business, having a skilled professional with in-depth ITIL knowledge can boost the potential of your entire IT framework and infrastructure.

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