Which IT Security Certification Should I Get?


As a professional currently in an IT and/or Department of Defense career, you understand the significance of obtaining security certifications in your field not only to move forward and be awarded additional responsibilities and higher levels of projects, but also to maintain your current role. Many companies require certifications that parallel individual job roles or that adhere to their established internal infrastructure policies.

Here’s a look at some of the different security certifications both civilian and military roles typically demand.

Security Certification: CompTIA Security+

Covering the fundamental methods used to secure, access, and control a network, this basic IT security certification ensures you’ll have experience working with cloud operations, identity management services, and working against network attacks. CompTIA Security+ is the perfect platform from which to launch your IT security career. While there's no prerequisite for this certification, you’ll need to update it every three years.

Security Certification: CompTIA Mobile App Security

If you’re interested in being able to develop and manage mobile apps securely, this is the certification you need. This certification ensures your ability to successfully create and manage a mobile Android or iOS application with secure network communications and protected work. There are two separate exams for iOS and Android operating systems, but only one is necessary to become certified.

Security Certification: CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner

This option is for those seeking professional-level security training, matched with problem solving skills. Testing your ability to manage several complex networks and systems, this certification ensures you’re more than ready to tackle any security problem that should arise. Using critical thinking skills to make sure you can implement new ideas to protect and manage any number of enterprise environments means you’ll be ready for any potential danger.

For those with the CompTIA Security+ certification this is a great next step to becoming an expert in the IT security field.

Security Certification: Certified Information Systems Security Professional

While this certification is generally considered to be one of the hardest and most demanding security titles to acquire, it’s also one of most highly-regarded and respected security certifications. In fact, you must have not only a minimum of five years of experience specific to the field of security already under your belt before you can even opt for this credential, but also an endorsement from someone who can attest to your years of experience and industry qualifications. Once you’ve gone through the rigorous progress, don’t plan on resting on our laurels! You can be audited at any time to ensure you actually do possess the expertise you’ve claimed, and you’ll need to be re-certified every three years! Your hard work and determination will pay off however, since this credential is considered the gold standards of all security certifications and affirms your expertise in the industry.

As in any professional field, the more specialized certification and training you have, the further you’ll be able to progress in your industry and the more others will turn to you as the “go to” expert they can count on. IT security is no exception. Security certifications are essential for employees in both DoD and commercial industries. While you don’t need to obtain every certification at once, the certification you choose should parallel your role. Typically, Security+ is the foundation which to build upon.

Security Certification Pathway

There are several options for those choosing to pursue a career in IT security, including certifications for those already working in areas of IT security, such as mobile app development. If you’re looking to take the next step with your career or simply keep up with ever-changing web developments, getting an additional security certification will not only help you stand out, but also complement your real-world experience in your field ~ blending the best of both worlds of learning through academia and experience. Whether you need basic certification or advanced training to protect a growing complex system, there’s a certification available that works for you.

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