What is the MCSA and How Can It Help Your Employees?

Obtaining professional certifications is one of the best ways that your employees can improve their skills and advance in their careers. Particularly in the information technology (IT) field, the topics can be incredibly complex and can't always be learned through trial and error. Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system in business environments, so this is a crucial area for your IT employees to have experience in.

MCSA Training

The MCSA training track is designed to help students to learn the infrastructure and configuration of Microsoft systems. However, the courses within this program are not designed for complete beginners. It is expected that students will come into the courses with some initial working knowledge of Microsoft systems and servers. For those who are not yet ready to get into the advanced skills in the MCSA course, there are lower-level courses available to help them bring up their sills in preparation for more advanced coursework.

Within the MCSA track, there are several different paths that students can take. There are different courses for different versions of the Windows operating system, allowing students to gain specialized knowledge in the particular platform that their organization uses. Separate courses delve into the inner workings of Microsoft Server variations.

The courses themselves typically take about a week each to complete, although students will not be ready to sit for the certification exam just yet. After completing each course, students should expect to continue applying that knowledge in their daily job duties for about a year before they will have a solid enough grasp of the concepts to be able to pass the exam. The exams are incredibly challenging and require careful training and study in order to pass.

Benefits for Organizations

Of course, if you manage a company that utilizes Microsoft products, you'll want to have employees that are well-versed in administrating those systems. In the IT world, it can often seem like employees spend the bulk of their time reacting to the latest crisis, rather than putting their efforts toward future growth and development.

When your employees have completed MCSA certifications, they will be able to move beyond merely being reactive so that they can start being more proactive. When the basic issues can be quickly addressed, your team will have more time to look to the future and start putting systems in place to take your organization to the next level.

Obviously, it is better to have your employees trained before implementing a new system, but even if the training comes later, it can still have an impact on your business.

Benefits for Employees

First of all, any training that your employees obtain will help them to be stronger in their careers. The more knowledge and skills they are able to gain, the faster they will be able to advance in the IT environment, gaining more satisfying and fulfilling work while also boosting their earning potential. They'll also find that they have more negotiating power in terms of benefits and perks related to their jobs.

Infotec Training Offers MCSA Courses

If you would like to delve deeper into Microsoft system operations, you can complete the MCSA coursework you need at Infotec Training. We are proud to offer a wide range of training programs for students working in technical fields. Each course includes registration for the associated exam as well. We welcome you to get in touch with us to learn more about our certification programs. Our associates are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and to help you choose the right courses to meet your needs and interests. Reach out to us today for more information about MCSA training.

What is the MCSA and How Can It Help Your Employees?

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