What is a Project Management Professional?

A Project Management Professional - or PMP - is a highly sought after career designation certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This professional has gone through standardized methodologies to become certified in project management. After earning the certification, they are considered specialists crucial in the selection, execution, and completion of business projects.

A project management professional will have to go through career experiences plus a thorough educational background before they are eligible to become certified. The education and employment criteria to become a project management professional will vary from state to state, but most employers are looking for a two-year degree at minimum, with the best candidates typically holding an advanced degree.

A project management professional understands issues like risk management, stakeholder analysis, as well as resource management. This is a person with a record of accomplishment for viable team development skills who can resolve conflicts quickly and focus.

The Value in the PMP Certification

Achieving PMP accreditation helps professionals demonstrate and display expertise to potential employers across the globe. It's also a versatile certification, with certified professionals earning, on average, 23% more than their non-certified coworkers. Businesses trust project managers and leaders who have the PMP as the organization who facilities it is so highly recognized. Having a PMP certified employee on your team can help establish credibility and assure your clients that their business is in good hands.

Educational and Career Background

While there is no set educational path to becoming a project management professional, the most common route is obtaining a bachelor's degree. Project management careers require that your employees can coordinate and delegate a series of assignments in order to achieve a particular goal. When it comes to obtaining PMP certification, there are specific prerequisites that you should be aware of that'll position your workers for success.

When it comes to requirements, if your employees hold an Associates degree, they need a minimum of five years of unique professional project management experience with at least 7500 hours spent on directing projects. If they are a bachelors degree holder, then they need a minimum of three years of experience, which will include 4500 hours allocated for a specific project or projects.

Who Should Get Certified as a PMP?

If you have an employee with the required amount of project management experience, you should consider sending them for the training they need to obtain the PMP. It could benefit the business and the employee potentially. Investing in professional development for employees has shown great benefits as well.

Where Can I get My Employees Certification Training?

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