WebEx Virtual Classroom: Providing Traditional Classroom Training Without the Cost!

The arrival of the internet has revolutionized the way people interact with each other. This has allowed companies and businesses to think of new, innovative ways to offer traditional services in a more efficient manner.

One such area that has seen great change is that of traditional learning, with the arrival of virtual learning through companies like WebEx, that offer a classroom-like learning environment at a fraction of the cost. WebEx is designed to help train company employees on a wide range of topics through video conferencing and tutorials. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why employers who are looking to train their employees can benefit from the programs offered by WebEx.

Similarities to Traditional Classrooms

The virtual classroom experience offered by WebEx is based primarily on the traditional classroom experience, and despite major changes made to the virtual classroom to create a more efficient learning process, many similarities between virtual and traditional classrooms still remain, such as:

A Collaborative Learning Process

The student is provided with every sort of assistance that he or she will need to understand the subject material, including tutorials and guides. The coursework is designed in such a manner as to deal with any questions the employee has during the course of the training, and there is always a team of helpers standing by to provide assistance with the more difficult parts of the course.

Comprehensive Study Material

The courses offered by WebEx carry the most comprehensive study material that has been carefully curated by a team of experts to provide the most up to date information to the employee, along with live support in case you have some queries that have not been resolved in the guides or lectures.

Expert Guidance

The webinars and video conferences offered by WebEx are handled by industry experts. These instructors bring with them a vast amount of expertise and a willingness to pass on their knowledge to others in a patient and helpful manner.

Tracking your Progress

WebEx offers a host of tools to the employees which allow them to keep track of the material that they have covered and the progress that they have made throughout the entire course.

Advantages Offered

Despite their similarities to traditional classrooms, WebEx offers many advantages to the company and its employees that makes it a great choice for online learning, which include:


Every product that you use which carries the WebEx stamp of approval is a part of a system of training solutions. These are capable of working together remotely. This means that you can customize the WebEx product using a variety of additional tools, which gives you the ability to choose specialized webinars, training, or technical support. You can also opt for global online appointments through telepresence, or attend a personal video meeting room.

Use Several Platforms

WebEx products can be adapted across a range of devices and platforms. This means you can choose to attend the online meetings on your laptop, your iPad, or even your smartphone. The product adapts to each device you use it on to provide the easiest methods of access using any form of navigation from tapping, swiping or clicking on the options which carry you through your coursework

A Wide Choice of Features

You can use WebEx products in many ways. You can opt for a paid subscription that would provide you with video conferencing options which include full screen, multiple feed and other screen sharing modes. Along with webinars, personal training and remote support, you also have the choice of switching presenters, make notes on a virtual whiteboard, make a record of your meeting, join meetings on your smartphone or organize your own study-groups.

Stringent Security

When it comes to company matters, security will always be a major concern. That is the main reason why some companies feel hesitant to opt for online learning, since it would mean sharing valuable content about the company through online channels. WebEx makes use of a highly reliable and secure network to ensure all their products and client information is completely secure and inaccessible to hackers or malware.

Reduced Cost

Along with offering many of the features of a traditional classroom, WebEx also works hard to improve on many of the aspects of traditional learning, and one way of doing so is reducing the cost of access. You can make use of the services offered by WebEx at a fraction of the cost that it would take to send your employees to a training program to a remote location, or hiring an expert to provide training at your facility.

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