Top Project Management Certification for Business Professionals

Over the last decade, Project Management Professional (PMP)® has featured as the leading project management certification for business professionals across the globe. It has become the most sought after certification that recruiters seek when hiring business professionals across all disciplines. In the current dynamic, complex, and competitive business environment, almost every activity is regarded as a project, and in extension, project management certifications will continue to be highly regarded by professionals across the world.

There are numerous project management certifications for business professionals and choosing which one to enroll your project manager in might be a dilemma. It's important to consider your employee's current level of experience, your company's needs, and prospective growth as an organization.

Project Management Professional Certification (PMP)

This is the most popular project management certification worldwide. It serves as the yardstick for all project management certifications. PMP certification imparts in-depth knowledge on how to handle projects through planning, scheduling, controlling, monitoring, and closing out. The parent organization (PMP®) continuously collaborates with academia and enterprises across the world to maintain the relevance of the certification and address the changing business needs.

Which Employees need PMP Certification?

Project management certification is helpful for both new and experienced employees. New project managers can demonstrate their skills to employers even with less experience than the other candidates. It gets their career to a solid start.

If you have an employee serving project manager with years of experience, PMP certification will help you to take a new level in your career. Advanced training could be all that you need to grasp your next promotion or to improve your overall performance at work.

Project management classes will help even people who are not project managers to achieve success in their respective duties and tasks. This is through the practical skills passed on to the candidates, which they can apply to several job situations.

However, not every employee can qualify for a PMP certification. To even register for a PMP exam, you need:

  • A bachelor’s degree qualification
  • 35 hours of formal education in project management
  • 4,500 hours of experience in project management

The exam covers numerous topics listed in the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge. Your employee will only be certified after passing the exams and meeting all the professional requirements. It’s important to note the time requirements and the tuition dollars required, when deciding if project management certification is right for them.

Benefits of Project Management Classes

Project management classes benefit both the employer and the employee in many job roles and industries. The most important aspect is learning the “common language” of project management, which enables the employee to better understand how to cooperate with other project managers to accomplish projects faster and more efficiently.

The classes also equip them with leadership and organizational skills that will be of great benefit throughout their career. Here are the key lessons they will learn:

  • Preparation of project management plans
  • Creation of documents like the Statement of Work, project risks, project scope, etc.
  • Marketing and pitching project ideas
  • Setting project priorities
  • Recognizing project benefits
  • Understanding project lifecycle phases, closing phase, and much more.

How Employers can Benefit from Training their Employees

Employers benefit from project management classes as well. When employers take more of their employees for project management courses and probably a third of them are PMP certified, an organization will be able to complete more projects on time, within the budget, and meet its original goals.

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Top Project Management Certification for Business Professionals

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