Six Sigma Green Belt Training: Are Your Employees Ready for the Next Step?

Business profits don’t always come from more sales. Often, lower production costs are just as effective as raising customer pricing. In our automated age, many business owners have a hard time deciding on the best way to increase productivity without lowering employee job satisfaction.

Six Sigma is a philosophy that can help owners and managers improve performance at every level of their business, from the production floor to the CEO’s office. What is Six Sigma? What is Green Belt training? How does having employees certified in these philosophies benefit companies?

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a set of techniques that allow business managers to analyze and improve their daily processes. The goal of this process is to reduce errors and thus increase efficiency. However, the level of efficiency goes beyond what the customer sees.

Mistakes of all kinds cost businesses money. Whether it’s janitors using too much product to clean the facilities or distracted administrative employees getting information mixed up during input, missteps at all levels reduce the time and resources available for other, more profitable activities.

Six Sigma strategies use a mathematical model to reduce errors to a statistically insignificant level. The ultimate goal of the Six Sigma philosophy is near perfection in all business processes.

Six Sigma is an ultra-flexible framework that can support any type of business goal. The basic program uses five key actions to help meet the goal of near-perfection.

  • DEFINE the problem.
  • MEASURE the outcomes of actions related to the problem.
  • ANALYZE the collected data.
  • IMPROVE flawed or wasteful processes.
  • CONTROL processes and resources for best use.

These techniques can be used to reduce production waste, improve interactions with customers, and keep employees accountable.

What is Green Belt?

There are two levels of Six Sigma certification: Green Belt and Black Belt. Both levels are qualified to lead process-improvement teams that relate to their area of expertise. Black Belt is the more advanced certification level. However, Green Belt employees are able to help their companies grow in a number of ways.

  • Integrate their knowledge of the Six Sigma program into the daily duties of coworkers and subordinates to encourage a more efficient process.
  • Explain the purpose of new procedures and protocols and how they fit into the goal of near-perfection in daily processes.
  • Collect and analyze performance data, then use those metrics to fine-tune processes.

The largest difference between Green and Black Belts the level of leadership they are expected to take on. Green Belts are great for single-department or smaller projects. Black Belts are able to handle multi-departmental projects that require more depth. For most small businesses, a certified Green Belt is sufficient to enhance most operations.

How Six Sigma Certification Benefits Companies

Having Six Sigma certified employees on your payroll helps your business achieve its best in several ways.

  • You’ll waste less money on repairing problems or hiring pricey outside consultants.
  • Customers will be more satisfied with streamlined processes and fewer fulfillment errors.
  • Fewer errors mean less waste, which translates to higher profit potential.
  • Employees will have a regular contact to go to with questions and concerns about your improvement programs.
  • With clearer guidelines, employees will be more satisfied with their jobs, which will reduce turnover and increase retention in key positions.

Six Sigma is designed to make businesses of all kinds run more smoothly. Are you ready to see what this revolutionary philosophy can do for your company?

Infotec can Bring Six Sigma to your Business

The Six Sigma: Green Belt Course at Infotec will get you started on the road to a more efficient operation. Employees learn the basics of the Six Sigma philosophy, identify relevant methodologies, and explores how to use them to improve processes. This 5-day, instructor-led class is great for managers and corporate officers. Contact our representatives today to learn more about how Six Sigma certification can benefit your company.

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