Presentation Tips for Business Professionals

Putting on an excellent business presentation can often be the difference between signing a new client and missing out on a major opportunity. However, most employees do not have actual presentation training. They may have used PowerPoint and similar presentation programs while in business school, or they could have even learned a thing or two during a Microsoft Office certification course. While putting on presentations reserves just a small amount of the overall big picture, the impact it plays on a company is nothing less than substantial. Here are just a handful of tips and tricks for taking a presentation to the next level.

Tips for Making Professional Business Presentations

The best way to master a professional business presentation is to enroll in educational courses designed specifically for this need. With the different presentation courses available for business professionals, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about the best practices to take an average presentation and make it a memorable presentation. Here are a few tips on how to do just that. Keep in mind, this is simply scratching the surface of possibilities for presentations.

For starters, always structure your presentation before moving to PowerPoint. This way, you can see how the presentation is to flow and outline your bullet points and individual slides ahead of time. It gives you a bird's eye view of the presentation before ever adding a slide. Use this as the blueprint for your presentation as you move along. It should help drastically improve the flow and overall feel of the presentation.

The next step is to make sure your material is easy to read. Don't go with over the top font or wild colors that are either distracting or difficult to see. You know what the text says, but others may not be able to read it. The background and color of your text should contrast as this helps both stand out. Also, in terms of font size, shoot for at least 24-32 point size. This ensures everyone should be able to read it, regardless of screen size.

Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Sure, having some text included in a presentation may prove necessary, but go with visuals over text whenever possible. If you think of the most popular business presentations put on by tech companies (such as Apple, Amazon and Google), the presentations focus almost entirely on visuals with only a handful of words to emphasize the context of the image. An audience wants to see visuals, not to try to read a paragraph of text before the next slide comes up.

How You Benefit From an Employee With Presentation Training?

The major benefit you receive when an employee receives presentation training is they become more likely to impress potential clients and close deals. This should help boost the bottom line of the company, which is good for all parties. It is an investment up front to put an employee through presentation training, but it should pay for itself with a single sale. A quality presentation will leave a lasting impact on those who view the content. Your employee has the ability to do exactly that with the right training.

How Does an Employee Benefit From Presentation Training?

When an employee receives presentation training, they become a more valuable worker to your company. It can help them climb the employment ladder within the business and, should they choose to move onward, it makes them more likely to receive job offers and interviews. This makes putting an employee through presentation training not only good for your business and the company's bottom line, but the potential bottom line of the employee as well.

Remembering these tips and following through with the above tricks can help improve just about any business presentation. However, these tips make up only a small fraction of what a professional needs to know in order to put on the best, professional show possible. In order to set both your employees and you up for success, seeking out proper education on the subject is essential.

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Presentation Tips for Business Professionals

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