PenTest+ Review: What Do Your Employees Need to Know?

Cyber-attacks have become one of the biggest fears among IT firms and government organizations. For this reason, there have been many concerns surrounding cyber-attacks and firms, organizations, and governments are coming up with ways to counter the issue. For instance, the US government is under pressure to address the cyber-attack issue leading to the formulation of different guidelines.

A penetration test, also known as pen test is one of the mechanism or tools adopted in the form of a simulated attack to a server, computer or a system. It is performed to test for any security issues in your system. It is done in the form of a vulnerability test in an IT infrastructure. Exploitable vulnerabilities being tested can include; dangerous end-user behavior, operating system issues, application, and services flaws.

How does Penetration test work?

As said earlier, the tests are typically performed either manually or in automated technologies on compromised systems, servers, network devices, web applications and any potential point of exposure. On detection of the vulnerabilities in a particular system, the tester may use the compromised systems in launching subsequent exploits in the system. This is done by trying to increasingly achieve higher levels of security protection through clearance and more in-depth assessment of information and electronic tools through privilege escalation.

The successes of penetration testing are then aggregated and the results provided to IT experts of a specific organization who will, together with the management come up with strategic solutions and remediation efforts. PenTest+ is the crucial certification required to measure the feasibility of the system and to evaluate such related consequences to the compromised system if any.

Why it is vital to perform pen tests?

Penetration testing is an important technique that you need to employ in your business for some reasons. These include:

  • Costly security attacks- Any form of security breaches and service interference are costly for the firm. They can eventually result in financial losses especially the interruption of applications or performance of the system. Such attacks can also tarnish an organization's reputation, and eliminate customer royalties.
  • Information safety is not maintained at all times- the continued adoption of changing technology has posed a threat to the IP, firewalls, and access controls’ security of an organization. The dynamic technology has made it hard to keep away from vulnerabilities.
  • Identification of security risks and vulnerabilities- penetration testing has the capability of detecting potential risk and prioritizing security risks. It also can protect your system both the external and internal attempts to attack your security system.
  • Pen-test is beneficial to any IT infrastructure from small scale to large-scale form of businesses. There are many benefits accrued to penetration tests.
  • Detection and arrangement of security threats- it helps estimate the strength of a firm to defend its system from potential internal and external threats. It also confirms possible risks and allowing the IT experts to make remedial efforts.
  • Enhances evasion of penalties- the results of the test can help an IT firm evade any penalties for non-compliance when visited by the security auditors.
  • Network downtime- through actively detecting and addressing threats before they occur

Types of pen tests

Penetration test comes along with some tests to ensure that all the potential threat can be assessed and dealt with. The tests are designed to meet your business needs.

  • Comprehensive penetration test- It is done in the way almost equal to when an attacker tries to access your system through the exploitation of your systems weakness.
  • Application penetration tests- takes care of your customized website, standard applications such as you’re a system antivirus, embedded system applications and other system application.
  • Wireless penetration tests- touches mainly on wireless connection network involving security tests and they assess specific network solutions.

When to do penetration tests

Pen-tests should be performed regularly for consistent management of the system and network security. Checks should be undertaken during the following situations;

  • Any new form of network or application is added to the system.
  • Significant modification of the application of the whole system or to the IT infrastructure
  • Changes in the position of the IT infrastructure or changes in your firms’ location
  • When there are adjustments in the end user policies
  • Application of new security patches
  • The penetration test training

If the idea of cybersecurity excites you, it is essential to undertake a penetration test. There is no specific reason as to why you need to take your employees or yourself to training. You need hands-on skills in a pen test to be able to exploit and resolve vulnerabilities.

To become an experienced penetrating tester, you need to learn a course that deals with in-depth security capabilities. The training will give you the concepts needed to keep your firm's security in check without the need to hire experts. For more information, contact Infotec today.

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