Organizational Development Training Programs for Your Employees

Have you loved the outcome of all your jobs and thought that your business functioned to its fullest potential? Probably not. Every business has room for improvement. At times, businesses have to react to environmental challenges regardless of their causes. Because the business world is always changing, successful businesses have adopted a process referred to as organizational development (OD) to help them adapt to the ever-increasing changes, enhance their effectiveness, and utilize the available resources.

OD is a strategic process of using organizational resources to address and improve the needed changes through careful assessment and planned intervention. It also involves a systematic change in beliefs, values, and attitudes of employees for both individual and company growth. Organizational development will help your business to adapt and respond better to market or technological changes.

Importance of Organizational Development to Your Business

Increased communication

One of the main advantages of organizational development is increased levels of communication, interaction, and feedback. Improving communication helps to align employees in sharing the company’s goals and values. Open communication also enhances understanding on the need for change within the business. Because communication is open throughout the organization, relevant feedback will be shared for the improvement of your business.

Continuous improvement

When your company engages in organizational development, it commits itself to continual improvement the way it does business. The organizational development process will create an improvement cycle whereby plans are implemented, evaluated, and improved.

Product and service improvement

Another major benefit of organizational development is the innovation, which helps in the improvement of a company’s products and services. Innovation is often achieved through employee development, which is geared towards rewarding successful employees and motivating them. Through market research, competitive analysis, and consumer expectations, organizational development can help increase product innovation.

Increased profits

OD can affect your bottom line in different ways. Innovation and productivity increment enhance efficiency within your organization. Your business will also cut costs by minimizing employee absenteeism and turnover. Because organizational development focuses more on development, employee satisfaction and product/service quality are increased. This continuous improvement also gives your business a competitive edge.

Employee development

OD mainly focuses on increased communication that encourages employees to change to the desired expectations. The numerous industry and market changes will require you to constantly enhance your employee’s skills to meet the market requirements. You can achieve this by training your employees to enhance their skills.

As a manager or a business owner, you wouldn’t hire unqualified employees. However, the employees you hire may be under-qualified. Sometimes the employees you hire may also become under-qualified due to development of new methods or the ever-changing technology. In such a case, you will need to provide your employees with organizational development training. But how do you know when to provide your employees with this training?

Typical Reasons for Organizational Development Employee Training:

  • To benchmark improvement status in a performance improvement effort
  • If the recent performance appraisal indicates that your employees’ performance should improve
  • As part of your organizations' succession planning to make your employees eligible for a planned change in their roles within your organization
  • To test or pilot the operation of a new system
  • As part of your professional development program
  • To train your employees on specific topics such as computer skills, communications, ethics, customer service, safety, and human relations among others.

Providing organizational development training to your employees will increase their performance and prepare them for positions or tasks that require greater responsibilities. Investing in your workers is also beneficial to both your employees and your organization and it can help boost your bottom line.

4 Benefits of Providing Organizational Development Training

Boost employee job satisfaction: When your employees are able to do their work more efficiently, they become confident. This boosts your employees’ job satisfaction and leads to retention.

Enhance the knowledge of your team: When your employees train in relevant applications, for example, a program that they use on a daily basis, it increases their productivity.

Your organization becomes more appealing: According to Harvard Business Review, employees are looking for employers that can provide them with opportunities to learn and grow. Therefore, by providing your employees with organizational development training, you will be building a positive reputation for your business.

You attract the right talent: If you want to attract career focused candidates, you should offer them more than just competitive salaries and benefits. Training programs can entice candidates to join your company.

Developing and applying an efficient organizational development plan that can bring along positive changes to the company culture, workflow and management isn’t easy. That’s where Infotec comes in to provide this training to your employees. The organizational development training provided to your employees ensures that knowledge and skills are directly applied to their roles. Connect with us today to learn more about this exciting program!

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