Microsoft Azure Certification: How Can It Help My Employees' Performance?

The recent rise of cloud computing has enabled businesses to use computing resources without incurring the costs of building data centers or running servers with unutilized capacities due to variable jobs. If you have been following the recent Microsoft news, then you most likely have heard of Microsoft Azure the former Windows Azure.

Launched in February 2010, Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that IT professionals use to build, manage and deploy applications through global networks. It has some additional tools that help in building simple mobile apps and complex internet-scale solutions.

Microsoft Azure Business Benefits

The number of businesses adopting cloud-based models is increasing quickly from hybrid approaches to a full cloud. Although there is a variety of Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers for businesses, including Amazon and Google, Microsoft Azure is a class to itself.

When it comes to business solutions, Azure rises above the rest due to the quantifiable services it provides including computing, mobile apps, analytics, databases, networking, and storage. If your competitor gets hold of these tools, they will outpace and out-muscle you. Other benefits of using Microsoft Azure include:

Computing power: Azure has flexible computing power that will give your business on-demand computing power. You can deploy virtual machines in minutes to provide additional processing power and storage.

Microsoft Azure’s cloud will also allow you to host websites on secure cloud servers that are managed by Microsoft and that will provide you with reliable web hosting services. Switching to the cloud will also give your business a competitive edge by making files, data and machines that were traditionally only hosted on-site available both on mobile devices and off-site.

Application services: With Microsoft Azure, you can easily launch customer and internal applications in the cloud. The cloud allows for the deployment of applications that will save your business infrastructure costs and reduce expensive hardware and maintenance costs. Additionally, Azures’ pay-as-you-go pricing will help you to manage your IT budgets by only paying for what you need.

Storage: The longer you stay in business, the more digital information you will accumulate. With time, this data becomes less and less useful and is eventually given archive status. This means that you need to purchase additional hardware or you can opt for cloud storage. With Azure’s Blob storage, you can store large amounts of unstructured data, and you can access it from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

How do Businesses Use Microsoft Azure in their Everyday Operations?

Microsoft Azure helps modernize the internal line of business (LOB) applications to help meet IT challenges and the rapidly changing business needs. The digital transformation of any business starts with cloud technology that helps in enhanced development, reduced costs, higher productivity, and more secure applications throughout a business.

Examples of Businesses that Use Microsoft Azure on a Daily Basis

MetLife: This Company has developed a micro service line of business application that delivers a unified experience to all its legacy systems. This has helped the company to consolidate over 70 percent of its infrastructure, and this has improved its operational scale.

TransAlta: This Company developed a decision-making business application that helps in analyzing data across its systems to fine-tune responses after business hours service calls. According to TransAlta, the project paid itself in only two weeks after its deployment.

Microsoft Azure gives you a competitive edge by helping you stay flexible and build cloud-based applications for your target market. Whether you’re just getting started or you have been using Microsoft Azure, you can start streamlining your business portfolio and market your applications to more potential clients.

Why is Formal Training Important for Earning Microsoft Azure Certification?

Microsoft Azure certification has undergone significant changes in the recent past. The new certification is modular and links with important infrastructure skills in windows server. Because Microsoft Azure is complex and powerful, formal training will help your employees learn about implementation of applications in a business environment. This training will also help in keeping your employees' skills up to date.

With the changing IT industry and frequent updates to software, it becomes almost impossible to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of the IT industry and looking for new talent can be expensive for your business. However, whether you are seeking for employee certification for the first time or you want to update expired certification, earning Microsoft Azure certification will acquaint your employees well with Microsoft technologies.

Are Your Employees Ready for Azure Certification?

One constant thing about the cloud is that it is always changing rapidly. Due to the complexity of the program, ensure that you boost your employee performance through a Microsoft Azure certification to ensure that they are better suited for the ever-changing digital landscape. For more information on Microsoft Azure Certification, visit Infotec today.

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