MCP Certification Training: The Next Move for My Employees?

Technology is rapidly changing, and your IT employees have to be lifelong learners to keep up with the recent technological changes. Investing in IT employee training and certification will help optimize service delivery. Additionally, doing so will make your employees more of an asset to your business. Because there are several IT certifications out there, you will have to choose the best ones in order to grow your business.

The MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) is a great foundational certification for your employees. This certification tests the competence of your IT employees in Microsoft technologies, products, and solutions in web development and server operating systems among others. After completing this training, your IT employees will have acquired the required skills and knowledge for Microsoft technology and make them more competent. Microsoft is a leading vendor for computer hardware and software, gaming, mobile, and cloud services. Therefore, your IT technicians should be up-to-date with anything new.

Relevance of the MCP Certification to your Workplace

From small to midsized businesses to large corporations, businesses of all sizes today are directly affected by technology. According to a recent report, over 80 percent of local manufacturing businesses experience IT skills gaps that affect various business areas, including customer service and staff productivity. This has led to most hiring managers investing in employee training because it is cheaper than hiring new employees. The MCP certification is relevant to your business because:

It helps increase employee productivity – Investing in MCP employee training will increase the performance and productivity of your IT team. Several studies have proven that certified employees are more productive than their non-certified colleagues.

A reliable IT department – MCP certified employees are an important resource of both knowledge and skill to other employees in your organization. Additionally, this certification will go a long way in enhancing the team’s values and overall cohesiveness.

Gives your business a competitive edge – Having MCP certified employees in your organization will set you apart from other businesses. Certified employees hold a competitive edge over competitors when bidding and they display a higher level of proficiency and knowledge.

Certification increases ROI – It is common knowledge among employers that MCP certified employees are more productive and more confident when handling various tasks. The MCP certification will help your employees to better understand how to create effective and more secure solutions by utilizing technology in unique ways and eliminating risks that would otherwise affect the company.

Benefits of Sending your Employees for the MCP Certification

There are several reasons why your employees may want to earn the MCP certification: an increase in salary and status, personal achievement, and promotions. However, the MCP certification will also benefit your business more than you may think. Some of the benefits of investing in this certification include:

Happier Employees

When you help your IT employees to obtain industry designation, you will prove to them that you have their best interests in mind. People are happier when they work for employers that are interested in investing in their professional development and that want to help them take the next step in their careers. What’s more, certifying your employees will make them feel noticed and valued, and employees who feel valued will want to stay and work for you. This means that you won’t incur high employee turnover expenses.

Increases Available Skills

Results from a recent Gallup study revealed that people who use their knowledge and skills on a daily basis are more likely to have a better quality of life and are six times more likely to remain focused at work. Because of the skill shortage in the tech industry, investing in employee skills will help your business to evolve, allow the creation of new ideas, and enable lateral thinking.

Increases Efficiency and Reduces Risks

According to a recent study by Work Institute, the cost of replacing an employee is approximately 33 percent of their annual salary. The study also revealed that one of the main reasons why employees want to leave an organization is because of career development. The MCP certification will help make your employees more competent. Competency influences the risk of your organization, and by investing in the competency of your employees, you will be minimizing the risks your business faces.

What Next?

With the global IT expenditure estimated to be about $3.7 trillion, more and more companies are investing in the latest IT technology to increase performance and productivity. Therefore, for your business to progress in the current digital age, you cannot avoid implementing new technology. Despite the influx of IT technology, the level of efficiency is remarkably low.

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