Is the Project Management Certification Worth It for My Business?

Projects are the primary way through which businesses deliver new products while exploring innovative opportunities. Successful projects also generate growth and help your company meet its goals. Whether you’re looking to explore new markets or invest in a specific industry, you’ll need qualified and experienced project managers to help fuel your operational objectives.

Certified project management professionals have the globally recognized skills that your business can truly rely on. Through a combination of experience, education, and testing, project management certification allows such personnel to lead and direct high-quality projects for many different industries. This certification is not only beneficial to project managers, but also to the businesses that hire these professionals. Your company could be able to enjoy lower costs, timely completions, and measurable goals moving forward.

Understanding Project Management Certification

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is a critical certification that’s issued to qualified project managers. It’s also the most recognized and demanded certification within the project management field. Project managers can only qualify after demonstrating specific educational and professional criteria. In this way, the certification process remains objective, practical, and dependable for businesses.

Project managers wear many different hats when working in the field. They’re involved during the planning, budgeting, and monitoring process, while completing tasks such as hiring appropriate personnel, setting project timelines, and providing updates to clients. This is why hiring an experienced and professional project manager will directly impact the success of your business.

The PMP Certification is a way of ensuring that you make the right hiring decisions. In addition to a strong educational and professional background, project managers also need to prove that all experiences were completed within the last eight consecutive years prior to submitting their application.

For a project manager to gain certification, they will need to prepare for and take a PMP certification exam. The exam tests one’s ability to initiate feasible and successful projects, planning expertise, execution, monitoring and control, and project closing.

Why the PMP Certification is beneficial for businesses

The project management field is shifting towards PMP certified professionals. In fact, a recent PwC survey revealed that certified project managers handle over 75% of high performance projects across multiple industries. Simply put, certified personnel deliver high quality and successful projects for your business.

PMP certification is also beneficial in the following ways.

Attract more clients to work with your business

In today’s economic environment, more clients are demanding PMP certified personnel to work on their projects. Your company may, therefore, need to ensure that it hires the right professionals so you can win bids and generate revenue. Federal, state, and private clients are recognizing the value that PMP certification provides. Because these professionals reduce the risk from any given project, clients are setting PMP certification as a prerequisite for bidding on any projects.

Your business should keep up with this evolving landscape to avoid falling behind in the industry. In addition, sensitive projects such as financial services, aerospace, and pharmaceutical often require PMO certified project managers to ensure that the project meets their strict guidelines.

Demonstrate your ability to meet industry standards

Speaking of project guidelines, PMP certification is also the best way of demonstrating your ability to follow industry standards. PMP is globally recognized, and it applies across many different borders. This allows you to handle multiple projects that may be in varying industries.

Because PMP certification provides a common mechanism through which you can complete projects, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively with different teams without compromising on efficiency.

A client may also want to ensure that your business understands industry terminology and workflows. With PMP certification, your project managers will be able to distinguish between qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, procurement auditing vs. selection, and much more.

Prove your expertise in meeting project goals and timelines

PMP certification requires rigorous qualifications even before taking the exam. For example, project managers need to show a minimum of 5 years of non-overlapping and unique projects completed, with at least 7500 hours spending in a leadership and directing role. Applicants also need to demonstrate 35 hours of project management education (or equivalent) in addition to appropriate educational achievements.

These rigorous qualifications show your worker’s ability to meet complex project goals and timelines. Clients will also see the value that your employee bring to their projects, and they’ll be more likely to work with your company over others that don’t have PMP certification.

Is your business ready for the PMP Certification?

At first glance, gaining PMP certification for your business may seem cumbersome. Indeed, the process is expensive, difficult, and time-consuming for your project management staff. However, the benefits of certification far outweigh your initial time and resource costs. With the industry evolving at a rapid pace, your business will need to keep up by demonstrating the ability to manage complex projects.

If you’re looking to attract more clients, lead cross-functional teams, command higher rates, and complete large-scale projects, then you’ll need PMP certification for your team.

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