Is CompTIA Linux+ Worth It?

When reviewing various IT certifications for your employees, you might be wondering; which ones are really worth it and which ones are just nice pieces of paper to hang on the wall? This, of course, all depends on what you need someone certified for. If you run a Linux system throughout your entire company and you need someone to help manage it, it manages absolute sense to help one of your employees become certified in Linux. Is this certification right for your company? Let's take a better look.

What is the CompTIA Linux+ Certification?

The Linux system continues to grow in many different tech avenues. It is a heavily used platform for everything from virtualized systems to designing the Android operating system. Having an intimate understanding of the Linux system ensures you instantly are able to work with everything from mobile phones to internal office networks running Linux on the server. While other non tech professionals use a different operating system, Linux is often the workhorse behind everything a company' network does. Large companies do rely on Linux for varying reasons. With everything from the United States Department of Defense to Dell, once you can demonstrate your understanding of the system, you instantly establish yourself a better candidate for most IT jobs.

The CompTIA Linux+ certification is the first stepping-stone to obtaining additional levels of education on the Linux system. After obtaining the CompTIA Linux+ certification, you can go after other certifications, including the LPIC-1 and a SUSE Certified Engineer offered through Linux. None of these other opportunities are available until you complete the initial CompTIA Linux+ program.

What Makes the CompTIA Linux+ Certification Worth It?

For employers, having an employee with a CompTIA Linux+ certification is valuable as it gives them a reliable professional who is able to work within the Linux system. This is especially helpful if the company runs off a Linux admin system or if the business specializes in Android-based applications and wants to build a sophisticated program for Android devices.

As Linux is such a specialized program interface, individuals either have experience with Linux or they don't. Even with those who have experience, it is difficult to understand just what they are able to do with Linux how it can help the current state and future of the company. The certification clearly outlines what an employee can do.

An employee can benefit with a CompTIA Linux+ certification as it makes them an attractive candidate for a new position within a company that uses Linux. Having knowledge on the ins and outs of the Linux makes you more employable as an IT professional and, even if the current company doesn't have a need for an intimate knowledge of Linux, there will be another company that greatly needs such a professional.

What Can a Company Gain With the CompTIA Linux+ Certification?

Linux is a powerful tool for designing everything from websites, working in a virtualized system or building applications for the Android mobile phone operating system. Having someone with a strong knowledge base on Linux makes it possible to upgrade how much of the company's IT department functions.

A CompTIA Linux+ certification clearly indicates an IT professional has extensive knowledge on how to use Linux. While someone with this certification may not prove necessary initially, or in the current state of the business (especially if the company is just starting out), having someone on staff with this certification makes it easier to bring in Linux into the network or to customize a Web server. The more knowledge and understanding a company's IT department has on the world of servers, platforms, hardware and trending technology, the easier it becomes to completely revolutionize the way the company conducts itself internally and externally.

No matter what a business sells or the services it provides, as it grows it needs more It professionals with a strong understanding of systems such as Linux. This makes CompTIA Linux+ certification desirable.

The CompTIA Linux+ certification can be a valuable commodity if you work in the world of IT and want to make sure your employees are Linux certified. Some in the tech world have moved away from the Linux operating system, but it remains important for a well-rounded IT professional to have a strong foundation in the Linux system. For employers who are looking for professionals with a Linux background, the CompTIA Linux+ instantly makes you an extremely attractive candidate. So, if you are serious about advancing your knowledge of the Linux system, now is the perfect time to look into the CompTIA Linux+ certification offered through Infotec. Connect with an Infotec professional today to learn more.

Is CompTIA Linux+ Worth It?

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