How to Use The GSA Value Card to Purchase IT Training - in Bulk!

The General Service Administration (GSA) value cards provide a viable way for agencies to streamline payment processes. They are undoubtedly a cost-effective solution that reduces costs associated with paper-based payments. In addition, the cards help improve security, oversight, and administrative control.

Government agencies use the value cards to purchase web-based or instructor-led IT training courses from approved vendors. Educational institutions successfully completed a rigorous application process to become IT Schedule 70 vendors. They have achieved a proven capacity to offer quality training. Also, the IT training service providers have demonstrated the ability to negotiate reasonable course pricing.

Ordering IT Training using the Value Card

As a GSA Value Card account holder, you are permitted to purchase information technology training through the GSA Advantage! online portal, eBuy, by issuing a request for proposal (RFP) or RFQ (request for qualification). You may be required to follow local or state government volume purchasing procedures, where applicable. The procedures may also vary between agencies depending on whether the Statement of Work (SOW) is required.

Market research tools available on GSA Advantage! and GSA eLibrary help you make an informed choice during the acquisition process. These online resources feature countless products and services offered by General Service Administration (GSA) industry partners. The GSA eLibrary is ideal for reviewing vendors' socioeconomic status, clauses, EPLS status as well as terms and conditions.

Platforms like eBuy provide templates designed to make the process of issuing an RFQ or RFP easier. Once you have received and evaluated quotes, you can award the contract using paperless systems like SPS or ConWrite.

IT Schedule 70

Purchasing training services from pre-approved commercial technology vendor allows agencies to circumvent red tape. This is a practical way to acquire goods and services quicker. The Schedule contract significantly reduces administrative costs for both the vendor and agency. The transactions are paid using GSA value card under terms specified in the agreement.

GSA Schedules Benefits

The General Service Administration (GSA) Schedules come with a variety of benefits for agencies, including:

  • Competitive market-based pricing – helps agencies leverage purchasing power with the ability to negotiate additional discounts with IT Schedule 70 vendors
  • Transparency – ability to gain insights into qualified vendor profiles and customer purchasing patterns
  • Lower administrative costs – allowing you to pay less while obtaining the same training
  • Wider product choices – access to an extensive selection of technology and IT training providers
  • Flexibility – entails the ability to customize orders by renegotiating terms and conditions with the service provider
  • Shorter time lead – agencies enjoy easy access to pre-approved industry partners, which helps save time
  • Control of the procurement process – agencies retain oversight when it comes to procurement quote evaluation, awarding contracts and administration

Agencies can also take advantage of flexible contract arrangement options, such as contractor team agreements and blanket purchase arrangements. These options provide viable alternatives to indefinite quantity or delivery contracts.

Benefits of using the GSA Value Cards

GSA Value Cards are valuable to a wide variety of government agencies when it comes to improving technical IT skills of employees. Information security is one of the areas that government agencies are looking to improve the skills base.

Account holders are tasked with the responsibility to acquire the best training contracts from vendors. With the value cards, agency representatives pay and enroll thousands of government IT professionals. They are typically appointed by program coordinators or approving officers.

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