How Can a Project Manager Add Value to a Business with a PMP?

As an employer, you want your staff to reach their full potential and strive to help make the company better and better. One way to accomplish this is to make sure the person handling all of your projects and overseeing your developments, the project manager, is properly trained. The Project Management Professional Certification from PMI is a popular certification for a variety of reasons. Let's take a look at just a few of them.

Project Management Professionals Oversee Entire Projects

Project managers’ roles are diverse, they will plan, coordinate, implement and complete each project, test it and report back to organization leaders.

Their jobs often rollover into an HR role as well as they may need to hire and manage new hires to make sure they are completing their tasks on time. They may also need to source technology and products, create deadlines for product development, determine what types of marketing efforts should be utilized and find the best distribution methods.

The project manager is responsible for a projects’ success or failure, so choosing the right candidate can be critical to the success of a project.

Get the Right Skills with a Certified Project Management Professional

Employers that hire certified project management professionals get an employee that has been trained to excel in their career, here are some of the skills they offer:

  • Leadership Skills: Project managers have a lot on their shoulders, they need to be leaders and role models to other colleagues. They are responsible for managing and keeping their team motivated and inspired. They often need to hire new team members, resolve conflicts and help their team set and reach individual goals, critique their performance and determine if they are ready to advance to a higher-level position with more responsibility.
  • Communication Skills: Communication is imperative in most job situations and it’s no different for project managers. They need to communicate clearly and concisely with both their team and clients. Good and frequent communication will help solidify client relationships and let the client know about progress being made on their project. Communicating with internal teams is equally important to keep the team apprised of expectations what they need to do, why they are performing the task, how it needs to be done and what the deadline is.
  • Project Planning and Scheduling: Project managers need to be able to prioritize different projects and have a plan in order to schedule and monitor the progress on a project. Project planning includes everything from micro to meta details. Project managers are responsible for project estimates, work plans/assignments and deadlines; they will oversee each project from start to finish to keep costs down while finishing the project on time.
  • Ability to Negotiate in a Tactful Manner: Project managers must have good negotiation skills to make sure that the interests of all entities are being met. Often compromise is the key in getting the job finished on time. Successful project managers learn when to compromise and when to stand their ground.

Should You Make Project Management Professional Certification a Hiring Priority?

PMP certification is an important for many that make hiring decisions. When deciding between two candidates, most choose to hire the person that has their PMP certification. It shows dedication to their chosen field and that they possess the skill set that must be attained in order to reach the certification. This often means they need less training and can hit the ground running when it comes to the projects hey are responsible for.

PMP certification offers benefits for both the employee and the employer:

  • Professional credibility/ability to do the job
  • Dedicated to their career
  • May be able to take on more responsibilities
  • Can be utilized in nearly every occupation
  • Increased job security for a job well done

Training a certified PMP increases client comfort, as it shows that the team working on their business is highly qualified to do the job and perform at the highest level.

Elevate Your Teams Skills with PMP Certification

If there is a particular staff member who has the right skills, you may consider offering PMP certification to elevate their existing skill set and put them in a leadership role. Infotec training offers a wide range of programs that help professionals add certifications that will enable them to better support other colleagues and lead larger projects. Infotec offers a wide range of courses, both online and classroom courses for those that are currently working.

For more information about the PMP certification, connect with a helpful professional at Infotec Training and learn more about your options.

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