Data Cabling Installer Certification (DCIC): How Can This Fiber Optics Certification Help My Business?

As fiber optic cabling becomes a larger part of data systems nationwide it is more important than ever to have qualified employees with the specialized training required to install, operate, and maintain these vital systems. The Data Cabling Installer Certification (DCIC) is becoming a necessity for most industries that are relying on information technology and automation to help them face the challenges of a connected world.

Why Fiber Optics Are Vital To Your Success

Simply put, fiber optic networks are the future and the future is now. Fiber optic systems are hands-down faster than any other transmission system and it is that speed that is needed for the high bandwidth requirements of the modern business infrastructure. Available bandwidth is being eaten up by file sharing, always-online office software, video streaming, VoIP communications, and Wi-Fi for legions of mobile devices. The modern workplace depends on scaling networks to effectively meet these bandwidth demands, and fiber optics are the most practical technology available to accomplish this.

Data Cabling Installer Certification (DCIC) Certification Is An Investment In The Future

It may seem unwise to invest in a certification course for your employees if you don't know what kind of return you are going to get for that investment. DCIC certification is the result of an intensive training course that focuses on all aspects of installation and operation of these systems.

Students learn proper handling of all equipment involved as well as troubleshooting techniques and procedures for when data is not being transmitted as expected. They also learn how to repair, splice, and terminate cables during installations or upgrades to existing networks.

The Benefits Of Having DCIC Certified Staff For Your Business

If you need to install or troubleshoot devices ranging from computer workstations to voice communication systems such as VoIP, DCIC qualified staff are indispensable. If you have any project involving fiber systems, such as cabling telecommunication rooms or crawl spaces, the skills needed for other wiring jobs will just not translate to these fragile and touchy systems.

DCIC staff will not only know how to properly handle the cabling aspect of the job but be fully trained on how to integrate these installations with the work of other contractors and evaluate cabling plans before the job begins. Basically, a DCIC qualified employee is qualified to be a POC for everything that will be required to bring a fiber optic cabling project to fruition and an invaluable resource if anything goes wrong with data transmission at a later date.

An Invaluable Resource For Companies And Employees

Even if your employees have other fiber optic training under their belt, it is unlikely to be as much of a help to your projects as the knowledge base that the DCIC offers. It is very rare that fiber optics will be the sole provider of data transmission in a network system, for example, and the DCIC prepares employees to work with other integrated systems that augment or backup the fiber optic installation.

The certification is valuable for companies that have a long-term vision for expanding their data infrastructure and a boon for employees who want to advance their career as well as their skills. This investment represents a win-win situation where a company and employees will benefit individually as well as collectively.

Is Data Cabling Installer Certification (DCIC) What Your Company Needs?

If you are a forward-thinking business who is on top of innovations in the workplace such as the internet of things (IOT) and other high-data innovations, you understand how much qualified DCIC personnel can transform your business prospects. Preparing for the future of your data bandwidth needs may be as simple as making a phone call. Contact Infotec today for more information on our DCIC training programs and how they can fit into your overall communications strategy.

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