CCNA Certification: Which Concentration Should My Employee Train For?

Cisco allows the creation of custom networks and intranets. These programs facilitate communications between coworkers in various geographical locations across mid-sized to large organizations. CCNA certifications validate and quantify the skills and experience of technicians who design and maintain Cisco-based systems.

What are some of the different concentrations for CCNA certifications? What are its benefits? How can managers decide which certification is best for their employees?

CCNA Concentrations

Cisco offers nine different CCNA certifications. Each is designed to validate and enhance specific skillsets and grant different benefits to employees and the organizations for which they work.

  • CCNA Cloud concentrates on the skills and knowledge needed to manage cloud-based systems. Testing includes DC fundamentals, remote connectivity/VPN solutions, virtualization, and other skills related to cloud networking.
  • CCNA Collaboration is geared towards video engineers, IP telephony and network engineers, and collaboration engineers. Topics cover implementing collaborative devices.
  • CCNA Cyber Ops validates skills related to cybersecurity. This certification concentrates on the fundamentals of detecting and preventing malicious access to Cisco networks.
  • CCNA Data Center certification applies to data center technology. Unified computing, data center network virtualization, and data center automation and orchestration are some of the skills testers need.
  • CCNA Industrial certifications give workers the tools to run the networks in industrial operations. CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) and building a support system for industrial ethernets are important skills for this classification.
  • CCNA Switching and Routing is designed for core engineers. This foundational certification concentrates on network fundamentals, LAN switching, and infrastructure services and management.
  • CCNA Security helps associate-level security officers defend their networks against virtual attacks. Infrastructure, core security concepts, and VPN encryption are a few of the skills this certification validates.
  • CCNA Service Provider is for the technicians, engineers, and support personnel employed by utility and service providers. Candidates must prove their ability to implement and maintain service provider systems.
  • CCNA Wireless is for any technician that primarily works with wireless technology. Knowledge of operating, troubleshooting, configuring, and installing small to medium WLANs is confirmed with this testing.

In addition to these certifications, Cisco offers the CCDA test. For design, system, and sales engineers, this testing ensures technicians are ready to create systems using switching, routing, and other common Cisco-based technologies.

Deciding Which Certification is Right for Your Employees

How does an employer know which program is right for their staff?

  • Consider your future projects and business expectations. Are you planning a big expansion or the launch of a new product or service? Your systems may need extensive updating to support these moves. In this case, Switching and Routing certifications give you the power to build your systems to your own specifications.
  • How does your business operate? For cloud-based businesses, it's essential to have a CCNA Cloud certified staff member to guide your team. Depending on the operating model of your business, you may need a Wireless, Industrial, or Data Center certification.
  • Is security a big concern? Keep your proprietary information secure with staff members certified in Security. If you prefer a more proactive approach to network safety, add a Cyber Ops specialist to your team.
  • Does your business depend on interoffice connectivity? A Collaboration certification helps your staff members keep your phones, instant messaging, and internet-based lines of communication clear and running at capacity.
  • Could your customer contact center use a little more organization? Get a Data Center certified technician on your staff to keep your customers happy.

CCNA certifications allow businesses to work better by building stronger and more secure networks. Cisco Certifications from Infotec are the best way to impart these qualifications to your staff members. From entry-level technicians to experts and executives, our seminars are designed to prepare learners to successfully complete certification testing.

Find out how CCNA certifications can positively affect your business. Call our representatives for more information on these and other skill training sessions.

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