CCDP Prerequisites: How Can You Prepare Employees for High-Level Cisco Certifications?

Now is the right time to upgrade your employee's skills with a certificate that is recognized all over the world. The Cisco Certified Design Professional or CCDP is meant for employees who have the responsibility of designing and creating advanced network systems. Your employees will gain more knowledge and experience to help them respond more efficiently to your client’s requirements or to troubleshoot common workplace problems with ease.

Benefits of Certifying your Employees

Leads to happier employees

Assisting your employees in obtaining industry certifications proves to them that you share their desire to be better professionals. Employees are happier working for a business that is invested in their development.

Boost productivity

Studies by different organizations including CompTIA, Microsoft, Novell, and IDC have proved that investing in employee certification increases their productivity. This is because certification prepares workers to deal with day-to-day challenges better and without help from other team members.

What does a CCDP Certificate Mean for your Business?

This certification is a symbol of competence and expertise. Achieving this certification confirms that your employees have become seasoned IT professionals who have the advanced end-to-end design ability to ensure that your network is available and that it can deliver the day to day performance.

This certification is ideal for your principal system engineers, network design engineers, CCDA-certified professionals, and network solutions architects. This certification focuses more on routing protocols, integration strategies, WANs, and service virtualization for your multilayers enterprise architectures.

Value of CCDP Certified Employees

Speedy completion of network related projects: CCDP certified employees could complete network-related projects more quickly than uncertified employees could.

Quick solutions to solving technical problems: Network managers usually perceive CCDP certified employees as quick and efficient at coming up with solutions to resolve technical problems.

You can increase project load:  The participating network managers also said that they could increase employee project load by up to 40 percent because of having CCDP certified employees.

How can Your Employees Prepare for this Certification

The Cisco CCDP certification covers topics on the best practices with design and implementation of Cisco-based networks. This certification concentrates only on design topics. The best way to prepare your employees for this certification is by ensuring that they first pass the prerequisites, which include CCNA and CCDA or any other Cisco CCIE certification.

Which Exams Should Your Employees Pass for them to Become a CCDP?

There are three main exams that your employees should pass for them to become certified: Route, Switch, and Arch. All exams are computer-based. The Route and Switch exams are similar in that your employees will have to answer 52 questions in 2 hours. There are lab simulations, multi-choice questions, and other interactive tasks. The arch exam has 60 multiple-choice questions that should be answered in 75 minutes.

How You Can Support Your Employees to Get the CCDP Certification

While data may be the most important asset of your business, your staff is the next. This means that you have to take good care of both. The CCDP certification will help you build a strong workforce by equipping your employees with important skills that they will need to get the job done.

With this certification, you can be confident that your employees are more flexible, productive, understand new technologies and can apply problem-solving skills faster. This means that by certifying your employees, you will be ensuring that they meet your expectations.

Tips on how to Certify your Employees

After you have recognized the benefits of having certified employees, your next step is to move forward and certifying them. Here are a few ways to get your employees certified:

  • First, identify the needed skills for specific IT job roles.
  • Evaluate the skills of your entire workforce and determine the skills gap.
  • Get the right training for your employees.
  • Provide your employees with test and exam vouchers

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) promising to connect almost everything, this may be the best time to invest in employee network design training. The CCDP is one of the respected certifications in network design. To start investing in your employees, connect with Infotec today.

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