CAPM Certification: Are My Employees Ready to Learn Project Management?

The Certified Associate in Project Management - or simply CAPM - is a credential that hones in on the processes, terminology, and knowledge of effective project management. This certification shows commitment to learning a new skill, displaying that an employee is capable of taking on a project management role.

The CAPM certification covers the life cycle of a project, the processes that push the project forward: cost, quality assessment, and stakeholder management. These are set in chronological order, building into themselves for a cohesive syllabus to prepare prospective professionals.

Should Your Employees Secure CAPM Certification?

There are several professional advantages of a CAPM certification for the employee and the employer as well. The CAPM is a heralded credential that recognizes professionals who are looking to diversify their skill set.

The CAPM certification is designed for new students, as well as current professionals who wish to demonstrate their project management knowledge. For tentative employees or those who are entering the job force, there are a set of requirements that you'll need to be cognizant of. The CAPM certification is an Associates program, so you'll need to ensure your employees have a high school diploma or an equivalent.

It's also a certification designed for those who are currently working in the field, yet need additional training before they onboard additional projects. Those who have at least 1,500 hours of project experience in a team setting are eligible for the CAPM exam.

Professionals who pursue their CAPM certification will learn to align their work standards with those that are required by a project management team. The proper accreditation will ensure that an employee can add value to a company, as it's a certification that validates the candidate's knowledge and abilities on critical responsibilities.

CAPM certification also helps employers. The economic reality is that employers have vendors that are requiring that their workers be appropriately certified. If an employer is bidding for a government project, for example, then they will be looked over if their representatives do not have the demonstrated experience. This requirement goes beyond government projects; an article by - a premier platform for everything related to information technology - has noted that the marketplace in the United States is demanding project management certification, with companies like IBM seeing that clients require certified project managers to be part of project's proposals. If a company is not able to present a certified project manager on the deal, then they are ignored. For employers, this translates to a loss of funding, trust, and vendor confidence.

Benefits of CAPM Certification

  • Establishes Credibility. You'll develop your credibility as a company with excellent project management training. Certified CAPM professionals are seen as highly proficient and trained on all aspects of project management. There is less onboarding when you workers are certified, allowing them to become an integral part of a project as soon as possible.
  • Confident Enough To Lead. Now that you are more educated in project management, you will be able to lead with confidence. Certified administrators have demonstrated that they're a vital resource in a managerial position.
  • Better Recognition for Excellence. Proper certification will distinguish your company from others. All major companies recognize the CAPM certification and value it when selecting individuals to head a project.
  • Being Acquainted With Best Practices. The initiated CAPM professional is now comfortable working on larger projects. Even though there is value in obtaining hands-on experience, a CAPM professional will mitigate errors and plan, execute, and complete a project successfully.

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