People Skills Your Employees Need to Make a Difference

Whether you run a software development firm or a high-tech call center operation, your team define the terms of your success. Technical qualifications, experience, and talent are ineffective when group dynamics aren’t strong. People skills bridge the gaps between job ability and process sharing to ensure your team achieves its goals.

But what are people skills? Aren't they innate and can't be learned? How could training possibly help employees?

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How do Fiber Optics Work to Help My Business Run?

Have you asked yourself why most people are insisting that fiber optics offers the best solution for businesses when it comes to internet connectivity? Although fiber optic is a relatively new technology, more and more businesses are adopting it, especially due to its high ROI as compared to copper cable or broadband. Fiber optic connectivity fits all types of businesses from small businesses to big corporations, particularly those that make use of the cloud to store data. Could it also benefit yours?

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