The Top Five Leadership Training Programs for Managers

Managers cannot afford to rest on their laurels. Whether you are looking to prepare rising leaders to a management position - or a C-level executive – it’s critical that you set them up for success by providing them with the necessary leadership training programs. These programs will help to develop and improve the essential skills needed for them to be truly effective managers. Here are five of the most important.

1. Basic Communication

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What are the DOD Information Assurance (IA) Training Requirements?

DoD 8410 or DoD 8570 Directive is also recognized as information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program. The DoD (Department of Defense) voted for a directive stating that all information Assurance recruits must become compliant with the mandated security and IT standards. There exist levels of compliance that parallel the job function. The most common certifications in the DOD Directive 8570.01 include A+, Security +, Network+, CISSP, and CEH.

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